25 Facts.

I love reading The 25 Facts about bloggers and general people. So here’s 25 pretty random yet light hearted facts about me. This has actually been a little harder than I thought it would be! My mind went blank as soon as I hit number 1…

Well here’s what I came up with! 

1 . I’m a massive water baby, I could live in the bath! I could have up to three showers a day. This is where I get ‘my time’ I close my eyes and try to not think about a thing .I love that clean fresh feeling too.

2 . Coffee drinker, no sugar.

3 . I’ve dyed my hair, black, brown, red, blonde, pink… my hair is naturally light brown and straight with some waves and we have blonde highlights at the moment.

4 . I have tanned skin and usually go very brown in the sun. I think having a tan makes you feel so much better in yourself.

5 . I’ve had braces as a kid but had them taken out early so went for Invisalign treatment.

6 . Love animals, mainly dogs! big fluffy ones to cuddle up too. I was brought up with a dog and want the same for my son, depending on what breed… They’re great friends for children.

7 . Im a very fussy eater, not as bad as I used to be though.

8 . Ive skydived from 13,000ft, for The Children’s Trust Foundation Charity. Its the best feeling in the world, Its like your flying.. I want to do it again.

9 . Ive broke numerous bones and had lots of dislocations due to HyperMobile Joints.

10 . I’m a night person, its like my brain wakes up! And I hate mornings and alarms!

11 . I’m terrible at Maths, I’m always calling my partner when I’m shopping to find out the prices after percentages.

12 . My favourite series to watch are, Line of duty, Luther, Homeland, Pretty Little Liars, Mistresses, Once Upon A Time and more.

13 . Terrified of pigeons and insects, mostly spiders… They’re so creepy! *shivers*

14 . A little OCD when it comes to my babies, I have to be prepared for anything… defiantly an overpacker!

15 . I love water! Its the only drink I can just ‘down’, I’m not much of a fizzy drinker… Oh and love a glass of wine to help unwind.

16 . I’m a massive cry baby! Especially when I’m tired.

17 . Celebrity crushes are, Channing Tatum, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gerald Butler, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper… No thats not why I named my son Bradley! ?

18 . No more babies for me, I can just about cope with two! I do not know how my mum done it with 5 of us!

19 . Guaranteed to make people laugh especially when I’m having my goofy moments.

20 . I would rather spend my evening cuddling up at home, with my little family watching lots of films than going out.

21 . Breastfed both babies.

23 . Was obsessed with Britney Spears growing up, I wanted to be just like her!!

24 . I cannot stand the noise of a knife and fork scratching against a plate, makes my teeth feel weird

25 . I’ve danced since the age of four, Ballet, Tap and Contemporary are my most prominate genres.

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