Born and bred in London’s most hectic household...

Me being the youngest of five with two sisters and two brothers. Dad being the softy and mum being the commander of the house. With such a big family, there was never a dull moment at home! My childhood was always so spontaneous. We had a lot of long car journeys, in the UK and abroad…

Our family’s favourite travel spot was spending weeks at a time in Spain, Castell Montgri camp site. we had so much fun here as kids, it’s probably why we are all so outdoorsy now! Making breakfast outside on our double burner, riding our bikes through the woods up to the beach. The children’s entertainment was great too, I was always up on stage for dancing, well I don’t think much has changed.

Becoming an auntie at the age of Ten, was so crazy! I felt so privileged, as none of my friends became aunties and uncles till their late teens! It was the most exciting thing having a real-life baby doll to look after and play with, now many years later I have eight nieces and nephews who I adore and love them all very much.

At the age of three, I was introduced to the world of Dance by my sister Claire, tagging along while she taught dance, I copied in her footsteps and soon went on to performing in London Theatres, Wembley Arena and was involved in many competitions, alongside some famous dancers... Bonnie Langford who currently is an actress in EastEnders. Not like my sister Kim she found dance boring and was caught yawning on stage!

I attended Arts Educational School in Chiswick for ballet and contemporary, going up the stages and then learning ballet pointe. I then went on to take Performing Arts at Uxbridge College and bagged myself a couple qualifications. Although since leaving college I haven’t danced much, life has got in the way, and having babies to run around after doesn’t give you much time, one day I’d love to get back into it.

Myself, Mum and Sisters all attended St Marylebone School for girls, having the same head teacher… the school got to know us pretty well. I wasn’t a goody 2 shoes like my mum and sister’s life’s too short to be good all the time aye! Making and loosing friends, I can count on one hand how many friends I took away from school with one being god mother to my son. Sarah Jane, we met in year Seven and became friends instantly, being very much alike… maybe that’s where my naughty sides came out!

Isn’t it funny that when you grow up, you see things and people in a different light? My brothers and I constantly argued from a young age, screaming and shouting at each other, wrestling and throwing things at each other well mainly Paul as Ricky moved out a lot earlier. Now we get along so well, you would never have thought it!

Time has flown by, from when we all lived under mum and dads roof! We now have our own, partners, marriage, jobs and nearly all have children. Feeling lucky to have such a close family and grateful for the upbringing we had.

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