Holidays Abroad – Morocco, Agadir

Morocco was just beautiful!

Our first holiday as parents and Bradleys first ever adventure out of the UK, I’m sad to say the holiday has now been and gone but my god was it a good one! Having so much fun making those perfect memories. Bradley being 10 Months old at the time, my partner and I searched for days on finding the right place, and time to jet set. It was suggested May was a great time to go away so it wasn’t too hot and stuffy for the baby, searching through First Choices website we came across hotel RIU Tikida Dunas in Agadir, Morocco…

We started off at the Gatwick’s lounge, filling our bags with sweets and treats for the flight. I had the boobs at the ready, to help his ears from popping but dozed the minute I we sat in our seats. Once the seatbelts sign went out Bradley took his first tour of an aeroplane. He stayed awake throughout the remainder of the journey and fidgeted while sharing my seat.

Agadir, couldn’t have been more perfect for a baby’s first holiday, especially as my mum and dad joined us! The plus side it’s only a few hours from Gatwick Airport. The staff were so friendly and were great at entertaining our Boy, much to his delight.  The rooms catered for babies on the ground floor giving us an open garden and sea view. They were very spacious for all the necessary bits that babies come with!

Located on the beach and surrounded by 4 pools it was more than what we asked for… The main pool was great as there were no steps which meant Bradley could sit in the water and play with his toys in his inflatable boat. While mum and I quench our thirst with a cheeky cocktail the men would play table tennis, I suppose I did try but was useless at it haha!!

Aswell as all the fun and games, I did need to take a few days’ out… after being struck down with an awful bug. The walk to the town was just off 2 miles, but with our spoilt little one it became a bit of a challenge wanting to be carried most of the time… so we did wave a cab down a few times. There were several restaurants to choose from but our favourite was an Asian one, providing high chairs freshly cleaned, wrapped in cling film and wine on tap for us grownups. The night entertainment was a cabaret of many themes, Bradley rested whilst us adults laughed away.

Days out were spent at the beach where the sand was so golden but with waves being so bad we only let Bradley in for a paddle. If we weren’t at the beach we’d be sightseeing like the mountings, shops and markets (souk) where you would see the local women making their Moroccan oils by hand, it looked very hard work.

As I type this post, my baby has just taken his first steps! So, I better go capture this.

Hope you enjoy! 😉

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