Pregnant Again?



Why having two is so different…

Pregnancy, well is just not my forte! Swollen feet, Heart burn, Sickness and the joys of waddling as if I’ve just turned 90! The bits you don’t get warned about until it’s just too late. Motherhood is just so glamorous NOT! I find myself walking out the door with either sick stains on my top, crumpled up crisps in my pockets, smelling of shit and thinking ‘oh fuck it’ but It’s a process you go through to Love and protect those tiny dependants you brought into the world.

There’s so much you get told and advised when your pregnant, first time around, you hate being told what to do or how to bring your baby up… but with the second, you ask more questions and take on board any advice anyone ever gives you.

Announcing your pregnancy

First, you research which way or how… a specific photo announcement or how many words you’re going to use for your Facebook status. Worried about what people might think about you, if you have a good enough job/income, home or how stable your relationship is to bring your baby up, and obviously you want give them the right answers.

Second- A nice little status or picture will do, with no much thought going into it… an irritatingly low amount of comments and likes compared to your first pregnancy! Not giving a flying fck what people think about you or the fact you have two kids under the age of two. Because nobody knows you better than yourself, and if you’re doing well then, you’re doing well.

Waiting for arrival

First- One born every minute on repeat, wanting the baby to come pretty much as soon as you’ve fallen pregnant, spending an absolute fortune on baby buys, such as bottles and a steriliser but when you end up breastfeeding you won’t ever use it.

Second- You’d rather baby stay put as long as possible, re using all your buys from the first time around, feeling loads more prepared since you’ve already done it once.

Although, you may have a lot less time the second time around, but having baby number two is just as magical as having baby number number one. It’s just different, you know a lot more and you would have learned from mistakes the first time around.



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