We’re Getting Married


The road to our engagement…


Still very surreal, but we’re getting married!


My fiancé Chris and I met in the Summer of 2010 at a camp site on the East Coast. On my holidays with my Brother, girlfriend and children. We became great friends from the start… Where I jumped in to tackle the ball from him when I got thrown on the ground! I’ll never live that one down. He was such a gentleman, he’d let me wear his hoodies to keep warm and would saddle me home on his bike.


Although, we only saw each other for over a week that summer, we went on to being the first person we’d message or call and the last before each night. It’s funny to think we thought South east to West London was like travelling to another country and never arranged to meet for ages after we met. Our first date, was probably a year later… Chris took me to the Chrismas switch on in Oxford Street, but was finished by the time we got there, so ended up having a bite to eat in Nando’s and was then dropped off to the bus stop and him writing me a poem on my phone (Which I still have btw).

We become to realise that we didn’t want to be without each other, so our relationship become quite serious after our first date.


As every relationship we had our ups and downs over the past few years, we’ve our break ups and problems, but It has to be said that the hard times only grew us stronger. I feel the key to our success is being best of friends, we tell each other everything and anything and always have done.


Chris and I got to enjoy many date nights, holidays and lots of fun throughout the years. During our holiday in Ibiza we conceived our First-born Bradley. What a holiday to remember! We surprised Chris’s Dad and Aunt on our visit, me swinging from Lineker’s celling light which came crashing down, or nearly being ran off the road by taking the wrong turn to the motorway on a quadbike.


I thought after the birth of our little boy, he would surprise me with a RING but nope. He held out until we were expecting our little girl Heidi in 2018.


Chris proposed, on a packed plane to Malaga… Gosh! It was such a surprise.

He managed to plan with a Jet2 flight attendant, keeping the plan a secret from even my mum and dad who attended the holiday with us to Marbella.

He revealed his plan to my dad whilst in the departure bar while nearly missing our flight from Stansted, being called over tanoy to get to the plane.


Trying to get myself comfortable, with a mahoussivve bump, Bradley asleep on my lap… Hair went up, seats went back, shoes came off while having a zip of my coffee.

Chris walked to the front of the plane, with the excuse of a dead leg and needing a stretch…

While I hear ‘we have announcement for a special someone named Elle’ I didn’t really clock on until I heard my name and Chris walking towards my seat.


He knelt down and asked with a smile ‘will you marry me’ I flushed with tears, covered my face in embarrassment and took a moment to say yes. The only place I couldn’t say no right!? Not that I ever would have. The flight consisted of many applause and excitement for us both. And even got to attend the cockpit which was a brilliant experience.



So, two babies under two and now planning our Wedding Day, we are already set for the wedding show in October and look forward to making all the arrangements for our special day to be celebrated with our closest friends and family.

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